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Limnisa - writing retreats by the sea

Frequently asked questions

Please read carefully. When you sign the booking form you will tick a box agreeing that you have read and understood these FAQ, and are happy to abide by their terms.

See our updated Covid-19 measures

Q: how do I book?


A: When you have some idea about dates and the accommodation you'd like, please contact Mariel. She will send you more information on accommodation, programme and cost. If you decide to  take part she will send you a booking form and guide you through the next stages.  Registrations will be processed in order of receipt. Email:  


See down below  in separate section for TRAVEL INFO. 



Q: what about wi-fi?


A: Limnisa is intended to provide a calm environment detached from ordinary life. As it happens, only mobile wi-fi is possible where we are. Should anyone have a problem back home we can supply the code, but not for everyday use. For checking flights/hotels there is wifi available in Agios Georgios, a short walk away from Limnisa.  But if being connected to the internet matters to you, PLEASE take out a travel pass with your mobile phone provider before setting off for Greece. 


Q: Is there a fixed schedule during retreat weeks?


A: There is no program during the week only a routine, with a set time for yoga and the evening meal but extended periods for breakfast and lunch buffets. You can eat out if you prefer. We also organise literary evenings for those who want to take part but nothing is mandatory.



Q: Do I have to meet certain conditions in order to come to Limnisa?


A: You are welcome if you want to focus on a project or something on your mind, be it artistic or more personal, provided you are happy to be silent in the mornings and quiet in the afternoons, to make space for other guests. Primarily, however, Limnisa is intended as a place for writers to write.


Q: what should I bring?


A: not too much. Remember you'll have to carry it- see below.  A memory stick might be useful, also a small flashlight; beach towel & plastic jellies for swimming; insect repellent & bite cream...


 Q: I have difficulty walking. Can I still come to Limnisa?


A: The path to the house is uneven, most of it unpaved. At Limnisa there are stairs. If you feel unstable on your feet or need crutches you will have to be very careful though we will help you as much as we can. Unfortunately neither the garden nor house are suitable for wheelchairs.


Q: What languages are spoken at Limnisa?


A: English is the first language. Mariel is from the Netherlands and likes to welcome Dutch speakers. (We also provide writing workshops in Dutch.)

Writers from non-English speaking countries are also very welcome. Between Mariel and Philip (mainly Mariel) some communication is possible in Greek/French/Spanish/German and Italian but some knowledge of English is essential for talking with other guests.


Q: How's the weather in Greece between May / November- can I swim?


A: You can swim In early May if you don't mind it a little chilly. The temperature in the shade is usually between 20 - 28 degrees, into the 30s in June with the water also much warmer.  We carry on swimming through Autumn when the climate is usually balmy with pleasently cooler evenings. However, we take no responsibility for what the weather might do. It can suddenly go stroppy and stormy like anywhere else in the Med.


Q: Will I have time to see something of Greece?


A: On a local level, definitely. Methana is a beautiful volcanic peninsular with a wealth of ancient sites unknown to the ordinary tourist. You can walk through olive groves, climb rocky crags, visit simple villages and swim in a clear blue sea. If you want to go further afield, to islands like Hydra and Spetses, or visit Epidavros and Mycenae, why not extend your stay a few days and visit them before you arrive or after you leave?


Q: Are there additional costs?


A: Retreats are 'full board', apart from three weekly evening meals in a taverna at your own cost.  The prices are very modest, about 15 euros per meal. Any excursions organised from Limnisa are optional and to be paid for, plus any taxi hired, including to Methana port - 15 euros per car one way - best shared with other guests. We ask a small contribution for the three Yoga sessions and two Chi Qong sessions we organise each week (€30 for all sessions or €7 per session).

The weekly meditation and silent week as well as the participation in the literary evening and film night are free and optional.

Q: Is there a bank, post office, ATM in Agios Georgios?


No. Agios Georgios consists of about 50 houses, three tavernas in summer, a church, a mini-market, a harbour and a beach. The bakers’ van passes by most days and a veggie van three times a week. But to do any shopping, use PO or draw any money you need to go to Methana town (10km).

Q: Is there a supermarket in Agios Georgios?

There's a mini-market selling basic stuff.  Mariel and Philip go shopping regularly. If there are any specific items you cannot do without they will be able to buy them for you. Postage stamps, postcards, tampons, batteries, etc. are usually available at Limnisa.


Q: I’m vegetarian - is that a problem?


The menu at Limnisa is entirely vegetarian. Dishes are based on Greek and mediterranean cooking and are made with fresh, organically grown, local products.


Q: I need to follow a special diet - is that possible?


A: Please state on the booking form if you are vegan. For any other (strictly) medical problem please contact us.


Q: Can I come a day earlier or leave a day later?


A: For retreats you are welcome any day of the week with a suggested minimum stay of seven nights. The prices on the site are per week but extra days can be added at the appropriate price. 


Q: Can I drink alcohol at Limnisa?


A: We provide local wine, canned beer, soft drinks and fruit juices at a reasonable price. Just help yourself, tick the box and pay at the end of your stay.


Q: Can I smoke at Limnisa?


You can only smoke outside, away from the house where no one else will be bothered. And please take maximum care as most wild fires in Greece are started by smouldering butt ends.



FAQ re Travel Arrangements 


Q: Who pays for my travel to and from Limnisa?


A: You do. The cost of travel is NOT included in the price paid to Limnisa.


Q: Who makes my travel arrangements? 


A: In general, guests make their own arrangements but it’s best to get in touch with Mariel beforehand: She can advise you about flights and help you to find flights that connect to boat and coach times or help organise travel arrangements to and from Methana.


Q: Can I cancel my trip?


A: If you need to cancel your retreat please contact us as soon as possible. Cancellation fees are £50 if you cancel more than six months before the start of the retreat, or your full deposit (25%) if you cancel less than six months before your retreat starts. 30 days or less before the retreat: no refund will be made.  In the latter two cases it is possible to register a substitute participant.


​Q: What about  FLIGHTS? 


A:  Athens (ATH) is the nearest airport. Ryanair and Aegean Air both operate daily flights between Athens and London Stansted.  Easyjet flies between Athens and London Gatwick.  It is also worth checking BA and surfing sites like For flights from other parts of Europe check eurowings, as well as the scheduled airlines. We STRONGLY advise EARLY BOOKING as the later you make your arrangements the higher the cost will be.


Q: How do I get from Athens airport to Piraeus?


Transportation from Athens airport to Piraeus is fairly simple. There is a direct bus (X-96) from the airport to Piraeus port. This takes about an hour and costs €6. Tell the driver you want to get off at Gate E8 for the ferry to Methana / Poros.


Q: How long from Piraeus to Methana?


A: The ferry to Methana ( takes 2 hours and costs €14. It stops first at Aegina. The second stop is Methana. (the third stop Poros).  We order a taxi that will bring you to Limnisa (15 min / €15).  

A: The Flying Dolphin to Methana takes 1 hour 20 minutes and costs €16. (


Q: Are there other ways to reach Methana?

Yes! Renting a car is a good option. Car rentals are cheap in Greece and if you plan it right you might share the car with another participant. 


A: By sea;

* A more expensive alternative is to take the Flying Dolphin which also leaves from Piraeus. It goes to the island of Poros, takes about 1 hour and the ticket costs €34. We will arrange a taxi to bring you to Limnisa (€40 / 40 minutes). This option is advisable if your arrival times do not connect to the direct ferry schedule. To make the latest Flying Dolphin you need to arrive at Athens airport around 4 pm during the week, or around  5pm at the weekend.

* If you come with a group and catch the ferry to Aegina (for which there are frequent sailings) we can arrange a water taxi from Aegina to Agios Georgios (close to Limnisa). This costs about 130 euros, but the boat can seat up to ten. 


A: By road;

* There is a daily coach from Athens bus station to Galatas. This coach costs €18 and leaves at 16.30hrs. It reaches Agios Apostoli (the place where you get off for Methana) at 19hrs. A taxi or will collect you and bring you to Limnisa (€25).

*A door to door taxi from Athens airport to Limnisa takes two and a half hours and costs €170 if arranged by us, using our local driver. He can bring up to four people sharing the cost between them (if you don’t have too much baggage!).

* A direct train, leaving every hour, from Athens airport to Korinthos. (takes one and half hours / €17). From the railway station you can take a taxi (two hours to Limnisa / €120).

* Rent a car direct from Athens airport. The trip is 220km and takes about 3 hours.


Q: How about my return trip?


A: We advise you to book a return flight leaving not earlier than 12 pm during weekdays and not earlier than 17 hrs during weekends. During your stay at Limnisa we will plan your return trip to the airport together. 

COVID-19 measures at Limnisa.

  • Last autumn we successfully hosted five weeks of retreats, with a few changes to adapt to the present situation.

  • First of all, we didn’t receive more than 7 guests at a time (normally we might have 9 or more), ensuring we each had more space. We will keep to this policy if required.

  • Most of our time is spent outside. There are plenty of shady terraces, with tables and chairs and cushions, so there’s no need to form a group inside the house.  Usually people choose different writing places day by day and at different times of day, but due to present circumstances  we ask our guests to choose one writing place for the day and leave it clean on departure. Wipes are provided at every sitting area.

  • No one is allowed in the kitchen except ourselves while we’re preparing meals.

  • At mealtimes guests help themselves, as all food is served as a buffet (except on two of the evenings when guests can go to a taverna).    

  • Even in ordinary times it’s not always the case that everyone wants to eat at the same table, though most people usually do. But we’ll be providing more tables, some bigger ones and some small ones, so people can sit and eat with enough distance apart.

  • Afterwards, everyone rinses their own plates etc and puts them in the dishwasher.

  • Lola, our help, comes every day.  She ensures all tables and chairs are wiped over every morning.

  • If you have any other suggestions during your stay please feel free to share them.

  • We don't want to sound obsessive. Most of the people who come to Limnisa are  reasonable and intelligent people.  That’s why we have every confidence that you’ll not only feel safe but will enjoy a productive stay.

ASK for our COVID holiday Guarantee:

Feel free to contact Mariel with any queries about your travel arrangements:

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