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short story competition


The Limnisa Short Story Competition is now in its 14th year. In these years we’ve been lucky enough to read stories from many countries, in different styles, with countless themes.  

This year we chose A ROOM OF ONE’s OWN as an inspiration. Your stories developed this theme in numerous surprising ways. 

We received 234 amazing entries. A competition is a useful way to encourage lots of new talent to write. Unfortunately, only so few of those can end up in the top five. 

How did we reach our decisions? 

Our judges had trouble agreeing.  Many stories had an admirer but in the end we whittled it down to the ones you see in this list. Chosen because they combine unusual inspiration with convincing characters and some technical skill, which translates as a good vivid read.


Congratulations to the TOP FIVE and a very big thank you to everyone else who contributed a story.  Keep writing. You’ll keep getting better.

1 * Confession - Nash Colundalur
2 * Lydia and Osman - Pauline Hughes
3 * The Boy in Booth 7 - Kim Bundy
4 * Maud dusts around her special things - Pip Brennan
5 * The Sound of a Wife - Elizabeth Brus
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